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07 Oct, 2016
In constant movement!

In Weelko, we never stop working to move forward in terms of quality. Listed here below, you’ll find the latest improvements made in our products.

Latest changes in manicure - The new manicure tables are already available. They have a more modern appearance and they are now easier to assemble. In our website you’ll find their technical features and a bunch of pictures to promote them.

Built-in button panels - Weelko has gradually implemented a new system of built-in button panels on the tables. Now, professionals will be able to regulate all functions from any point of the table.

Quality on the upholstery - The mechanisation of the sewing process and the choice of the most resistant PU give the tables an impeccable finishing on the upholstery.

Now with Linak motors - With the desire to always be able to offer the best price without neglecting the quality, Weelko has come to an agreement with the Linak society to implement these motors in a wide range of tables.