Slimming Pad (F-905)
Ref. 10001L (Set of 2)
Slimming Pad
Ref. 10001S (Set of 2)
Slimming Pad (F-905)
Ref. 10002L (Set of 2)
Slimming Pad (F-905)
Ref. 10002S (Set of 2)
Slimming Pad (F-905)
Ref. 10003L (Set of 2)
Belts Set For F-905
Ref. 10045 (Set of 11)
Galvanic Combined Series
Ref. 10004 (2 Rollers+1 Stick+Cable)
Vaccum Glass Set
Ref. 10027 (Set of 3)
Vacuum Handle
Ref. 10028
Galvanic Rollers
Ref. 10042 (Set of 2)
Galvanic Double Stick Set
Ref. 10043 (Set of 2)
Clamp For Lamp
Ref. 10062
Infrared Bulb
Ref. 10072
Brushes Set
Ref. 10073
Handle Bio-Lifting
Ref. 10097 (Set of 2)
Handle Bio-Lifting
Ref. 10098 (Set of 2)
Left Boot For F-826
Ref. 40001.2
Right Arm For F-826
Ref. 40001.9
Left Arm For F-826
Ref. 40001.10
Waist For F-826
Ref. 40001.5
Sauna Bag
Ref. 40002
Glasses Bag
Ref. 40003
Diamond Heads Set
Ref. 40010 (Set of 9)
Paper roll holder**
Ref. Paper roll holder**
Paper roll holder*
Ref. Paper roll holder*
Radiofrequency electrodes set
Ref. 40024 (Set of 7)
Cover for handle
Ref. 60039
Applicators for F-833 Set
Ref. 40025 (Set of 5)