id=76 Thanks to all and plenty of smiles!
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13 Jun, 2018
Thanks to all and plenty of smiles!
Photo: Mumbai Smiles

As announced last December, Weelko undertakes projects beyond the beauty furniture manufacturing. Weelko owns aim for collaborating with non-profit organisations that carry out such beautiful tasks as Mumbai Smiles does (if you are interested in finding out more about this collaboration relationship, you can read our news published on our website in December 2017).

On the occasion of the Indian school year, Mumbai Smiles has shared with Weelko the first results of the collaboration with the Preschool project in many Indian locations, to be exact in 29 preschool education centres that have been running the whole school year. In addition, Mumbai Smiles is a very efficient organisation and has almost entirely achieved all the goals that had set from the very beginning for this project.

Weelko is very satisfied with the possibility of having done their bit to help the children education in India. It is, of course, thanks to your trust on Weelko year after year that the company can carry out this kind of collaboration projects, that’s why Weelko wants to share this great achievement with all of you. Thanks to all and plenty of smiles!

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