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08 Mar, 2016
the new TEMPO chair

This month Weelko would like to show you a new concept of versatility with the chair TEMPO. The beauty chair with 3 or 4 motors includes now a new button-panel system located in both sides of the seat, the backrest and the leg rest (in case of the 4-motor model) in order to adjust all the functions. The system allows a simple adjustment thanks to an easy access from any point of the chair.

Weelko has implemented this new system in the beauty chairs TEMPO and MAXI, since our brand works day after day in order to offer you an optimal quality in all our range of products and that’s why Weelko is making real efforts to improve in modernity and product development.

To show you this system and all the details of this rotating chair, Weelko has prepared a Technical Zoom which will give you all the details about the high-performances of this model. A chair that will make you feel like in the clouds, rediscover it!