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21 Dec, 2017
Plenty of smiles in 2018!

Weelko is more than just a manufacturer of beauty furniture and equipment. Weelko is a project created by a young, active and highly motivated team that has built bridges between many countries from 2010. Its main interests and international presence have lead the company to make a step forward towards this project and to end 2017 by building up a cooperation with a non-profit organisation: Mumbai Smiles. Weelko chose this organisation because Cristina Duarte, one of the sales representatives of the Weelko team (first row on the right), has already cooperated with them and travelled to Mumbay to know the project more deeply and first-hand. Weelko will participate in the cost and expenses of the Deer kindergarten in the area of Marol. However, the company wants to keep on working with this organisation over the long term in their current projects. Mumbai smiles explains here below the details of this alliance:

"The end of 2017 is getting closer but we want first to welcome another alliance recently made between Mumbai smiles and a company. The organisation is named Weelko and its main aim is to bring well-being to people all around the world through the beauty, SPA&wellness, physiotherapy and podiatry fields. In order to achieve this goal, the company has a large variety of products designed to ensure the maximum well-being of the professionals working in these sectors and, obviously, to their patients. With this mission Weelko has shown a big interest to spread the concept of well-being to other villages in the world that, for different reasons, the quality of life is simply non-existent and where fundamental Human Rights are being denied day by day. Thanks to its vast knowledge in the health area, a company like Weelko has a lot to contribute to the development of the most disadvantaged villages.

Therefore, an alliance between Mumbai smiles and Weelko has been signed on a first stage to increase the financing of the preschool education project. Weelko will finance part of the structure of the kindergarten nº 2, named Deer, placed in Marol area. On a second stage, the company will try to involve some of their international partners to highlight our cause in other countries and, therefore, add more development actors in our peaceful fight against poverty. Thank you very much Weelko for the sensitivity shown and thanks for having set out on this journey by our side. We look forward to start this long-term adventure and we are convinced that together we will obtain great results."

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